The number of victims in the evacuation zone

Hi, me and my teammates are new to this competition and we would like to know if the number of victims in the evacuation zone is given to the team before the robot starts the course, according to the new 2018 rules.

Hi Matthias,

the number of victims has to be the same for all teams during one scoring run. The amount of victims will not change, otherwise the scoring the teams are achieving during one run is not comparable.

So theoretically you know the amount of victims before the run starts, but according to

3.4.4 Teams are not allowed to give their robot any advance information about the field. A robot is supposed to recognize the field elements by itself

You are not allowed to pass this or any other advanced information to the robot. The robot needs to be able to solve the whole task autonomously.


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Dear Matthias,

Yes, precisely as Jan says. There have been incidence in the past where teams tried to input the number of victims before the run.

While it is quite easy to know how many there will be, telling this to the robot in anyway is a form of pre-mapping, which is not allowed. This goes the same for other not-so-clear sections such as the direction of obstacle navigation.


Kai Junge - 2018 Rescue TC