Tesseract OCR engine allowed?

A question popped up on the Erebus asking if the Tesseract OCR engine would be allowed for HSU victim detection.

Any software which does letter recognition for you will be prohibited. Therefore, Tesseract will be prohibited.

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2022 committee

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To answer a returning question at Erebus regarding using Tesseract.

Current version running does not support packages other than the ones required by the basic OpenCV such as the numpy package. Thus, Tesseract won’t be installed on the server.

Besides, no team should use a robot kit (software in this case) that is specifically designed to complete any single major task of RoboCupJunior Rescue. This has always been against RCJ principle that one will use software that will solve the challenge for them; as there is NO learning value to it.

Elizabeth M.
2022 Committee

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First of all, thank you to Dennisma to put that interesting question.

  1. We used Tesseract during Rescue Maze experiments to read U,H,S letters. Now I realize it is forbidden. Good to know in advance, before World France 2023 event.
  2. Can we use methods based on neural networks? We take a picture of the letter that must be recognized and pass it to a network we prepared from ourselves using a website service. Is it correct?

I’m not on the committee so dont take what i say as official… but what you propose should be ok. We had a maze team (physical maze…not sim) in Thailand that used simple KNN to recognize HSU. It had to be ‘trained’ by the students in order to work.

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Thank you for your answer. Good luck for your competitions!