Technical Description Paper (TDP)

Hi everyone, I am wondering where can I download the Technical Description Paper (TDP). I cant find it on the website.


Hi Patrick,

Regarding the TDP, we, On Stage OC, plan to gather TDP from teams via Google forms. Now we are discussing details and working on making a form. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please give us a few days.

Thank you!
Shoko Niwa (2018 OnStage TC and OnStage OC chair)

Hi everyone,
we can read in the onstages 2018 rules that each team must send three weeks before opening robocup the TDP but where is this TDP?

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I found it here:

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Hi Emanuel,

Thank you for finding a related topic in this forum! :slight_smile:
Yes, the latest information about TDP is put on the other topic. And submission deadline was re-set on 12th June.