TDP page limit penalty

We’re having trouble keeping our TDP within the specified 5-10 pages. To stay under the limit, we’d either have to change the format, which would reduce readability, or leave out details we want to include. Will there be a penalty if we exceed the page limit?

Hi @moritz_biobrause ,

Thank you for your question.
The simple answer is that submissions should be made according to the specified format and restrictions. I do not believe that there is any immediate disadvantage to exceeding the limits, but at least it will not be evaluated positively.

You should expect to be asked and evaluated on your ability to document the required and sufficient information requested concisely, readably, and gently from the reader(evaluator)'s perspective. It is great that you strive to include as much detailed information as possible, but at this time we are evaluating many teams, and you are expected to provide concise information sufficient for us to evaluate your team. Thus, it is very important to change the context and content of the document according to the requirements of the readers (evaluators) of that document.

Please refer to the clues on what we value, as you can get an idea by checking the rubrics.

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Rescue Committee 2024

Thank you for your response!
Much of the space is taken up by illustrations and diagrams. We are unsure whether to include it in the appendix rather than directly in to text. The guide says that the appendix will be ignored in the evaluation.


We appreciate the guidelines for the TDP submission. However, we are finding it challenging to adhere to the 5-10 page limit given the complexity of our robot, which involves image processing, programming, electronics, and mechanics.

To ensure we can include all necessary details without sacrificing readability, we kindly request an extension of the page limit. This would allow us to present a thorough and accurate overview of our project.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Voshka RT

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Hi @AliAr ,

Thank you for your comment.
I can well understand what you are trying to argue, but what we are asking in this documentation submission has already been stated in previous posts. We are not considering increasing the page limit.

We have to evaluate a very large number of teams in a very short period. If each team sends us long documents, it is impossible to read through them all. In this regard, please understand that we have set a limit on the number of pages, so that we can ensure good enough reviewing quality for all teams.
Such limits are very common in our society and in academia. You are expected to think about what the evaluators are looking for within the stated limits and to concisely summarize your answers to those questions.

If you have already created a document that exceeds the limit, consider moving the explanation of technical details to the appendix. Keep in mind that the evaluator is not necessarily asking you to provide overly technical details.

Thank you for understanding and we are looking forward to seeing your good documentation.

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Hello all,

I see a lot of buzz around the TDP extension. We understand your challenges in condensing your comprehensive work into the specified page limit. However, summarizing does not necessarily mean compromising the quality of your content. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Standard Practice in Paper Submissions : Summarizing is a standard process in any paper submission, especially with a maximum page limit. It ensures that the most critical and impactful information is highlighted, making your document more accessible and easier to evaluate.
  2. Focus on Key Innovations : Having more information is only sometimes beneficial. It can sometimes obscure the most important points you need to highlight. By focusing on your project’s key innovations and critical aspects, you can create a more compelling and focused TDP.
  3. It’s not about the quantity of information you include but the quality. A concise and well-structured document often has a greater impact than a lengthy one. It demonstrates your ability to communicate complex ideas effectively and efficiently. We are confident that you will find the correct balance that fits within the rescue requirements.

As Ryo well pointed out, please take a look at the rubrics to get a sense of what the committee wants to evaluate so you can focus your TDP appropriately.

Best regards,

Roberto Bonilla
RoboCup Federation Executive Committee member representing RoboCupJunior