TDP Length - Images

Hi there!

I’ve got a question regarding the TDP Length. It says that it should not exceed 10 pages, yet we have a ton of images, gifs, diagrams and 3D animations that make it a little bit longer in the Appendix. Does it have to be 10 pages maximum including the appendix or can the appendix exceed that number of pages?

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Joaquín Rodríguez
Zonda IITA Salta

Hi @JoaquinRodriguez,

According to the TDP template, “This document is supposed to be between 5 and 10 pages long (from Abstract to Conclusion)”. And considering that the Appendix is after the conclusion, those pages will be outside the 5-10 page length. Keep in mind that “The appendix is NOT to continue writing the main text. It should be reserved for additional info if the reader is interested or curious to know more”. So you need to make sure the information you want to share is included in the TDP itself without relying on the appendix. If a reader skips the appendix they still need to understand your team’s work, only if they want to learn more about a specific thing they go to the appendix, does this makes sense?


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Thanks, @Dieguinilombrin !