Tcs3200 e new ping si possono usare?

Salve si possono usare la libreria tcs3200 per leggere il colore verde e la libreria new ping per il sensore di distanza ?

Hello @nick06 ,

Can you please post your question in English? That way we are better suited to help you and more people can benefit from your question and join the discussion.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Hi @Dieguinilombrin can you use the tcs3200 library to read the green color and the new ping library for the distance sensor?

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Hi @nick06,

using the TCS3000 library will not be a problem.
If you use the sensor modules with the bright LEDs please be careful not to allow it to emit much bright light to the outside as that may interfere with other team’s camera systems.

I am not sure which ping library you mean, but ping-arduino and NewPing for example are completely fine. I am happy to take a look at any other one you may want to use but in general all libraries that are “hardware drivers” are fine, what we try to prohibit in the rules are ready-made libraries and/or programs that do the Soccer part for you.

I hope it helps and if you have further questions I’ll try to be quicker, my apologies for being slow.