Takeaways from the RCJ OnStage Montreal 2018

Hi to all of you who work so hard to prepare your kids for the future and thus the better world,

RoboCup 2018 Montreal was my first and definitely the most memorable experience in the robotics education field.

Win or lose, with all the resources, both from the organization and individual teams, invested in the event, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of notable endeavors, including originalities, creativities, devices, codings, technologies, artistic ingenuities, etc., compiled and published by our respectful judges so that we all can learn from?

The above is just my humble reflection on attending this wonderful event.

Thank you to all the people including competing teams, especially those wonderful wonderful kids that I helped march onto and exit the stages and unnerve them just seconds before their performances, as suggested by Mrs. Susan Bowler. Keep up the great work.

Last but not least, my thanks to Mrs. Susan Bowler who gave me a chance to this unforgettable learning experience.


Norman Lee