SuperTeam questions


I have a few questions about the SuperTeam challenge:

q1: Rules state that “The total time is 8min.” However the example worlds have a time limit of 3min and 2 min. What is the official time limit, and will that change between worlds?

q2: Rules state that “Both fields will have swamp tiles that are placed at the same locations.” This is not shown on the 2 example worlds, with only swamp tiles on field 1. Is this going to change for competition rounds?

Thank you for any clarification.

Peter Leong
JMV Team

q1: yes, the final superterm field will set to max 8 min… 8 min for the entire run from robot 1 starting on field1 to robot 2 attempting to complete on field 2.

q2: no there won’t be any swamp tile in field 2.

Elizabeth Mabrey
2022 Committee

I stand corrected … there will be swamps in field2. POINT 4 IN THE RULE.


Eizabeth M
2022 Committee