Successful victim rescue


I was wondering what happens if the robot pushes already rescued victims out of the evacuation point again? (especially with the level one evacuation point)

They still give points, don’t they?

According to the rules they just need to be moved into the evacuation point, they don’t explicitly say the victims have to stay there until the end in order to give points:

3.5.12 Successful victim rescue: Robots are awarded points for successfully rescuing victims. A successful victim rescue occurs when the victim is moved to the evacuation point. The victim needs to be completely inside of the evacuation point, and no part of the robot can be in contact with the victim).

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The robot moved the victim (called victim A) to the evacuation point. Victim A was completely inside the evacuation point after the robot completely left from victim A.
After that, the robot moved out the victim A while the robot moved the other victim to the evacuation point.
Can the team get the rescue score for Victim A?

In 2017 rules the team will get a rescue score.
However, once the robot moves the victim A to the evacuation point again, no points can be obtained.
In such cases in the Nagoya convention the judge promptly removed the victim A out of the field. However, it will not be guaranteed at other competitions.
Please check with the OC of your competition.

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I think the 2018 rule has addressed this issue : 3.5.12 :
When the judge determines there has been a successful victim
rescue, the victim will be removed from the evacuation zone to allow more victims to be evacuated.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to remind the referee to do that in case they forgot?

Thank you remind.
I believe that judges will do their best. Because the final judgment is the judge. :slight_smile:


I saw all conversation and this rule 3.5.12 also help us to remind to our referees that they can remove the victim if the victim was placed in the evacuation zone succesfully, we did not add this rule before, it also helps to the teams because sometimes the robot rescued 3 victims and the robot cannot place other because ithe victim goes out or the evacuation zone is full.

Also as Naomi says I believe that judges will do their best. Because the final judgment is the judge.


Javier Zetina - 2018 Rescue TC