Stage layout and lighting options and projection mechanism

Hi all,
I have few questions regarding stage layout , and lighting options possible. Also i wanted to know about the projection of the performance on Big Screen.

  1. Our performance is related to light and sound show and we want the stage with minimum light. Please confirm is that possible?

  2. Our Show needs a top view , since the lights are carried on top of robots and if the stage is like raised up and the sitting arrangement is lower than the stage then it would be difficult for audience and judges to see the lights movements , so in that case we need to project the live performance through a mobile phone that records the performance and connected to projector to project on big screen. Kindly, help us in figuring out the scenario.

awaiting response soon…
Shweta Ruparel

Hi Shwetar,
The stage will be close to floor, and the audience seating will be tiered like a stadium. So in answer to your question, yes - the audience will have a top view of the robots.
I am not sure about the lighting options so will follow up and get back to you,

Hi Shwetar
I have just clarified and we are not able to accommodate the request for reducing the lighting for your performance. The lighting is controlled centrally, and as per Rule 1.5.2 “Teams should come prepared to calibrate their robots based on the lighting conditions at the venue.”

Hi Monica,
Thanks for the reply.!! This will really help.