Stage layout and devices available for teams

Our team will need to use the projector to reflect some states during their on stage performance. That means it is not from a recording at all. Questions are:

  1. May i assume there will be somewhat white and flat background where the performance stage is?
  2. will we be allowed to hook up to the projector with team member’s computer. This needs to happen, as what it shows on the screen reflecting run time state of it robots.
  3. will the projector be in a fixed specific location? If yes, where will it situate relative to the stage where the performance takes place?
  4. can member have an option to use their own projector so that i can project things onto the back screen?

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have not got the finalized venue layout. All details are tentative. Maybe we will not be able to grasp everything until just before opening the event.

As for your question, 1) and 2) would be no problem. 3) is tentative because of the reason above. 4) is also no problem. However, teams cannot use main electricity as mentioned in the rule 1.3.4. This means that a projector should be equipped with some kind of battery.

By the way, I imagined that your team need some kind of communication between a robot and a PC. What kind of communication will be used? Teams are allowed infrared (IR), Bluetooth (LE and classic) and ZigBee only as the wireless communication. Junior teams are never allowed using WiFi at the venue. If your team uses wired LAN, long cable might be needed.

Best regards,

Yes, we are using ZigBee to communicate between the bots and the computer.

Do you know how well-lit the stage will be?

Hi froggygirl,

Thank you for the reply. :blush:

Regarding the environment on the OnStage stage, local organisers are preparing meet with our request. We have confirmed them that the main stage will be similar to last year’s. So teams will be able to project slides/videos on the wall behind.

By the way, if there are any communication between bots and PC, teams need to follow the rule 1.4.1.

1.4.1. Teams are encouraged to design their robot(s) with a communication function. Robots are encouraged to communicate with each other on stage, for example, with a Bluetooth communication option (refer to 2.7 and 2.8). There must be no communication between off-stage and on-stage devices.

Unfortunately, it has not be clarified where the AV system will be located. Your team might be better to prepare a long HDMI cable to connect between your PC on stage and off-stage AV system.

Also about lighting on the stage, it would be well adjusted, we cannot say definitely at this moment though. We kindly ask teams to prepare to calibrate sensors as mentioned in the rule 1.5.2

1.5.2. Although the RoboCupJunior organizers endeavor to make variable lighting including spotlights available, there is no guarantee that direct or intense spotlights will be available. Teams should come prepared to calibrate their robots based on the lighting conditions at the venue. Teams using compass sensors should be aware that metal components of the staging may affect the compass sensor readings. Teams should come prepared to calibrate such sensors.

Best regards,