Specific items listed

Prior to the event, at one point it says “prepare specific elements to modify the field of the live interview.” Will you tell us what elements we need to prepare?

In our live presentation we need slideshow or just we are going to talk about us like the TDP doc.?

and iif we need a poster in our background presentation?

WE SORRY about all this questions, we are first timers at this international event and we want to do the best we can.

Hi Gabriel.

These specific elements are the usual objects you would use to create a Line field, for example, tapes, debris, obstacles, victims, etc.

For presentation you can use any resource, as long as it can be seen by the camera or screen share and that takes no more than 10 minutes. Please, refer to the rubrics (https://rescue.rcj.cloud/events/2021/RoboCup2021/2021RescueRubrics.pdf) to understand what is being marked.

Good luck!

RCJ Rescue OC/TC