Source Code Submission

Hello, we saw in the Rescue site ( that the deadline for the Source Code is June 16th. Does it mean that we can’t change the code from this date onwards?

Note: I’m not an official on the Technical committee so what I say is not “binding”.

However early code submission happens every year. It’s only because the judges want to see your code so they can properly prepare questions for you in Bordeaux.

No one has ever said you can’t continue improving your code after submission (even during the days of the competition you can work on code).


Thanks for your input @Dennisma , always helping the community :slight_smile:

Just to enforce what was previous shared, teams are allowed and encouraged to continue working in their robots (hardware, electronic, software, etc) even after submitting their snapshot by the deadline. We will use that source code and the documents as reference to understand your robots, prepare interview questions and have expectations of what we will seeing in the competition. If any component changes drastically, we will ask the teams to update their source code so we can verify it is complied with the robot behavior and following all rules.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee