Some questions about the registration

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On page 24 of RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2021, it was said that only competitors that did not previously participate in an international (that is not a regional or super-regional) competition are allowed to take part. Does this mean that a person who has participated in previous RoboCup such as 2018 and 2019 is not allowed to participate even as a mentor?

And another question is about the acceptable number of mentors in a junior soccer team (open weight challenge league)? Would it cause a problem for the team’s registration and qualification if the number of mentors will be more than team members? specifically, due to some reasons is there any problem with 6 mentors and 2 team members for registration and qualification?


Hi @Manix,

I may have a hint for the very first part of your question you asked about the RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2021.

The “Only competitors that did not previously participate in an international (that is not a regional or super-regional) competition are allowed to take part.” point is only relevant to section 9.5 Intro League in which it is contained.

This section begins with: “In order to help newcomers experience the RoboCupJunior Soccer competition, the TC would like to encourage local regional competitions to include a so called ”Intro League”. Although such a league will not be part of the international competition, the TC still believes that it is worthwile to make it part of regional and super-regional competitions.”

The restriction you worried about is a suggestion from TC just for the proposed Intro Leage, meant to be for beginner teams, and the restriction would serve that this Intro Leage would not be filled up with hard core teams having years of experience even from international competitions.

My team participated in such an “Intro League” at RoboCup Junior Euro 2019, in the “Soccer 1-1 Standard Kit” entry-level league having special rules offering a fantastic opportunity to learn quite a lot and get really encouraged and inspired :smiley:

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Different question also regarding registration hence I’ll also use thread,
As a team with no “mentor”, should one of the team members register twice as both student and “mentor” or should one student simply register as mentor?

We would prefer the second option but understand if each team needs to pay a “team” cost on top of every participant.

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Hi @Manix,

No no, in this particular case the rule does not apply (in the sense that this is not a normal competition and as @rlaszlo mentioned, it refers to the “introductory” league).

Such a high number of mentors is definitely “fishy” (in the sense that one would have to start to wonder what are so few students actually doing…?) but in principle registering so many mentors should be possible.

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Hi @Zvono,

The registration process will simply require you to have a mentor. That’s sadly all I know right now – let’s see if we can figure this out more concretely offline.

– Marek

Hi @rlaszlo,

Thank you so much for all your explanations. Yes, I should have read the text more carefully, that was about Intro Leagues.

This is great news that your team has participated in RoboCup 2019 and gained good experiences, awsome :heart_eyes:.

I wish you and your team success.

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Hello Mr. Shu,

Definitely, this number of mentors is weird and fishy, so we decided to raise this issue with you. Let me explain our situation.

In January 2020 we registered for regional selective competitions, IranOpen 2020. The CVID-19 pandemic was a doubtful issue at that time until February, when the IranOpen Committee, like all other events, decided to cancel the competitions and postpone it to another time.

At the time of registration, we were 5 members and 3 mentors. One of the members was not supposed to participate in the Robocup competitions in the case that we could be selected for Robocup, due to his young age(Therefore, the number of members was 4, which was not a problem for registering in RoboCup). Except for that young member, one other member was suitable at all (he was 18) + 3 other members were experiencing their last year of participation in Junior leagues due to their age.

After that one-year postponement, those 3 team members are now older than 19 years old(all of them are 20 now). So our team decided that if the RoboCup Committee allows us, we would register them as mentors so they would get the result of the time and money they have spent preparing the robots over the past year. This was the reason for the large number of mentioned mentors in my previous question.

With these descriptions, will there be a potential problem with the registration? It is worth mentioning that we have not yet registered those three 20-year-old members as mentors and we are waiting for your suggestion or approval.

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Hi @Manix

Thank you for the extensive description of you situation. I believe it would be very well within the spirit of RoboCup for them to participate in some way, so having multiple mentors would be warranted in this case in my mind. Feel free to go ahead and register them.

I am sorry for answering this late – if you end up having any trouble with the registration, please contact us (or even me directly) and we’ll try to sort it out.


Hello @mareksuppa,

Thank you so much for your attention to this issue and I should apologize if the description was a little long.

I will contact you in case of any problems.

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Hi @Manix,

On the contrary, thank you very much for the extensive description!

– Marek