SoccerSim - End of 2022 Challenge

Dear all,

we have prepared a challenge under our Soccer Simulation project - it’s about designing and programming omniwheeled robots, which will be incorporated into SoccerSim in the future. Do check it out at End-of-2022 Challenge - RCJ Soccer 2022

In case of any questions, feel free to reply directly under this thread.



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Hello everyone,

Team Reset has submitted a new design of omniwheeled robots for SoccerSim platform. There’s a pull request open where we are discussing some issues - Reset - End of the Year Challenge 2022 Final Submission by resetteam2023 · Pull Request #140 · RoboCupJuniorTC/rcj-soccersim · GitHub.
We would like to fix any problems as soon as possible - it would be really helpful if you - the SoccerSim participants - could test it out and play with the simulator a bit. You can find the code at GitHub - RoboCupJuniorTC/rcj-soccersim: The RoboCupJunior Soccer Simulator, based on Webots and use Webots version R2022b.

If you need an assistance feel free to reply to this forum thread.