SoccerSim 2022 | TDP | Sina

Team: Sina
Team description paper:

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in your TDP you wrote:

‘In the other case none of the robots get data from the ball so this time we will change the data to their maximum, which means that we don’t have any data and details from the ball.’

I wanted to ask what that means in practice(if all robots just stop, or go to the last known position or some default point)

Good work guys and thank you for your answer

Hi there,
well in this situation we have an algorithm named “scan”
in this algorithm whenever our robots don’t receive any data on the ball, the goalkeeper will go up and down of the goal but the other two robots start moving like a cross on the field
one of them from the left side down and one of them from the right side down
in this situation that they are moving across, one of them will see the ball when it’s moving
so we can save our time and find the ball sooner