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Team description paper:

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask by replying to this thread!

Firstly I really like your robots good work guys, but I have multiple questions.

1.) I would like to ask how you detect when the Double-Pushing strategy should be used? And also how effective it was during your testing?

2.) As in your TDP:
‘Currently, the ball hiding feature is only triggered under very specific conditions so that our offensive
robots can properly set up ball hiding. However, we would like to explore more ways and situations to set
up ball hiding so that we could not only set up ball hiding more efficiently but also score off the ball hiding
feature more frequently.’
I really like the creativity of this strategy but my question is what are these conditions now and if you already know when do you already have some other ways how to set up this tactic in mind?

3.) I would also like to ask what the distribution of work looks like in your team?