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Team: APEX
Team description paper:

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I have multiple questions
1.) When do you use the Double pushing strategy?
2.) In which circumstances do you score your own goals?
3.) How does your ‘basic program robot’ program for testing look like?
Good work guys and looking forward to your answers

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Hello Bukajlag,

Sorry for the late reply, I am Jimmy from Team Apex. In regard to your questions:
1.) Double pushing is activated when the ball is within the close sides of the opponent’s goal or the goal area.
2.) Own goals occur commonly during the kickoff with the opponent’s possession or rare incidences of the attacker having the urge to dribble the ball on the sides of our own goal towards our goal, resulting in an unwanted clash between our attacker and our defender that leads to own goals.
3.) Our ‘basic program’ is a program without most of the strategies, containing only basic ball-chasing, two attackers, and a defender that walks around the square goal area. We compared the strategically developed program and the ‘basic program’ to view our progress in improvement.

Thank you very much for looking into our TDP! The questions are incredibly specific and critical!