Soccer Superteam Proposal

since many year, the super team soccer rules have remained the same, with only a few exceptions.
Upon reviewing the results from this period, several points can be discussed:

• The programming for Superteam matches is often quite similar to that of regular games, which doesn’t strongly encourage teams to adapt and reprogram their robots.

• In many instances, a single high-performing robot or a couple of them can significantly alter the game’s outcome, reducing the level of interaction between teams.

• The contribution of each i team often is not always evident.

For this reason I propose to drop off the current super team rule and introduce now ones that encourage reprogramming abilities and promote collaboration between teams.
We could draw inspiration from other leagues or from the 2021 online edition Super team should be formed by 3 teams and they have to solve some hidden tasks, that are unveiled a day before the challenge. This approach would necessitate close interaction between teams and potentially lead to robot reprogramming.

Moreover, we might consider incorporating technical challenges and awarding points based on results, following cues from technical changes.
This approach could invigorate the Superteam and encourage a higher level of engagement and innovation.


Very interesting proposal. Look forward to see other opinions. It’s time to change rules.