Soccer Simulation Demo Competition 2021

Hi, @Felipe
do you have any idea to keep only one player on the field?

Hi, @erfun_dr .

I am no longer with the Soccer TC, so I am not qualified to answer this question. Maybe @mareksuppa can help.


My team is having a problem that when the robot is repositioned, it is upside down in neutral.

Hello Lana,

does this happen everytime the robot is moved to a neutral spot, or just in some rare cases?

It doesn’t happen every time but it happens randomly and at a high frequency.

This is the video link of a robot turning when it is repositioned, I think it’s better to understand what happens:

Thanks Lana. I managed to reproduce the bug on my computer. Will look into it and try to fix it.

Lana, I have changed the depth of the robot when it is repositioned. However, I’m not sure if that helps - at least the number of times the robot falls over should be decreased. :confused: Sorry for the hassle.

Why what happened man? Why are you no longer with the soccer?
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Unfortunately, it was no longer possible for me to conciliate work with the RCJ committee, so I had to ask to step down. But RoboCupJunior still lives in my heart… maybe I can come back some day. (?) :wink:

Hello everyone,

hope you all doing great!

Well, i dont know how to make robots move!
can anyone help me with that part of coding?

Hello @lavool-sh,

I would recommend checking our tutorial describing various things you can do with the robot. How to program your robot - RCJ Soccer Sim
If you have further questions, feel free to ask.