Soccer League Committee Open Call #soccer-rules-2023

Hi everybody,

we’re opening the August 24th Soccer League Committee video call on the topic of the 2023 Soccer draft rules to the RoboCup Soccer Junior community at large. For people for whom the 21:00 UTC time is in the middle of the night we’re also doing an additional call at 09:00 UTC (also Aug 24th).

To be informed what we are going to be talking about you can refresh your memory of proposed rule changes in the 2023 draft rules and the reasons for those changes and arguments already made in the individual rule change threads linked from the main 2023 rules thread.

Best Regards and hope to see you on the call

Hi everybody,

we have now created a Zoom meeting to hold the open call in, details are below.

Aug 24th 09:00 (9AM) UTC meeting
PIN is 424242

Aug 24th 21:00 (9PM) UTC meeting
PIN is 424242

Best Regards and see you next week

Hi everybody,

firstly the final rules are out now. Secondly I wanted to briefly summarize the Open Calls for everybody who couldn’t make it to one:

  • Soccer League Committee News:

    • Election & Selection for 2023 in progress
      • 6 people in League Committee
      • 2 from each super-region
    • Trying to be as open as possible
      • Posting goings on on the forum
      • Open Calls more often (every couple of months or so)
  • Simulation Challenge

  • 2023 Rules:

    • scrapped 9V limit: general agreement on searching for another way to limit high speeds (esp. LWL)
    • scrapping camera limits: no objections
    • allowing colored clothing: no objections
    • increase playing area size:
      • concern about OOB → had forgotten to put new OOB rule into the draft, thanks for the reminder
    • kicker regulations:
      • unclear phrasing pointed out
      • clarification to perform test with tournament ball requested
    • Communications module: Explained gradual phase-in and testing and that complex stuff will only get widely deployed after testing
    • Shade of green of carpet sometimes problematic
      • dark green not always feasible (thanks for input from different regions)
      • decided to put “dark if possible, teams have to expect anything” into rules
    • got pointed to golf balls not being hollow, removed that from rules
  • Entry rules:

    • Learned Japan runs 270ish entry teams mostly on Daisen platform
    • Concerns with draft that Standard Kit might become uncompetitive
    • spoke about option of running two leagues (1:1 standard kit + 1:1 LWL)
    • power limits like in LWL also issue in Entry
    • got suggestions of 1100g weight limit, wound up going into Entry rules draft
    • got input on field size range from regions, thank you for that

Best Regards