Simulation Demonstration Competition Live Event

Dear all,

In the coming Sunday, October 4th at 12:00:00 UTC, we will be hosting the live event for the Simulation Demonstration Competition.

Here are some details of the live event:

Teams are allocated into blocks of 4 or 5. There will be 4 blocks with a total of 18 teams. The pre-recorded runs for each block will be run sequentially with commentary. Before each run, the submitted team introduction video will be played. Sections of some runs will be fast forwarded if the game process is slow. After each block, we invite a member of the team for a quick live Q&A session with the MC about their robot and/or team. After all blocks have finished running, a short award ceremony is planned.
This will be a YouTube live event. The YouTube link as well as the schedule can be found on the event webpage: During the live event, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and comment on videos through the live comment section. Some comments will be picked up to be discussed by the MC.

Stay tuned and we hope everyone enjoys the event!

2020/21 TC