Simulation (CoSpace) rule clarification (5.2.2 & 11.2): CoSpace server

(A) Rule 5.2.2 states that “Teams need to setup the communication
between ROBOT_1 and CoSpace server so that the team can teleport their
robots from WORLD_1 to WORLD_2.”
There is no further explanation how this setup is to be done.
Is there any information what the teams will have to do, need to
learn or know in advance about this task?

(B) In 11.2 it is mentioned that “The coordinates of virtual robots,
special zones, collection boxes, traps, signal block zones will be
provided to teams.”
How is this done? Will the teams receive the information before the run
(how?), or is there a mechanism in the simulator to obtain this information
from the CoSpace server during runtime?

  1. This process is completed by CoSpace Server, However, team needs to confirm the teleportation is taken place in a correct manner.
  2. You can easily move your virtual robot to the respective position. The coordinates will be shown on the control panel.