Simulation (CoSpace) rule clarification (4.1.1): Release of maps

Rule 4.1.1 states that “The layout (the maps) of both WORLD_1 and
WORLD_2 will be released to teams prior to the tournament.”
(Q1) Is there a duration for this “prior”? Can we assume that “prior” is
in the order of some hours rather than a few minutes or seconds? 4.1.3
talks about a “programming period”, which suggest that there is some
time for the teams to tune their program to the arena. Is that right?
(Q2) What does “release” mean: Will the teams receive the map in digital
form, for experimenting and testing their AI, or will they only be
allowed to have a look at the map? This was unclear at the German Open.

Hi, cospace participant with 3 years’ experience here. The participants go to the respective game stations to collect the maps via thumbdrive. They are given typically 2-3 hours to program the AI and submit their first .dll file. You can update the AI (submit new .dll) before any match at the respective game station.

Thanks a lot for the reply!

  1. The competition map will be released on the same day after team leader’s meeting. Teams will be given about 2 - 2.5 hours for the programming.
  2. The map will be given to team for programming and testing. It is not just for you to “take a look” only.