Short Q&A about 2022 Simulation maps and process

Q1: can we upload another code in the middle of the rounds??
ans: You may re-upload the code, but it won’t be used for the current day round.

Q2: Will Round 1 - 3 be counted for the overall evaluation?
ans: will get back to you on this soon.

Q3: will you also correct the arenas for Round 2 &3 (invalid location of obstacles) ?
ans: Yes… Have rerun those potentially be affected, e.g. those codes crashed before even get there will not receive a rerun. If the is a rerun, a copy should have copied over to your team folder.

Q4: or do we have to deal with randomly placed obstacles in Rounds 4 - 9 ?
ans: all obstacle location will be placed correctly, min 8 cm away from walls

Q5: how to do the overall ranking?
ans: will get back to you on this one soon.

Q6: i just wanna participating in “Calibration round” what should I name my folder??
Please follow the same naming convention posted at the Simulation Announcement Board. e.g. July14_xxx

I’ll continuously update here throughout the next few days. Therefore, let’s centralize our questions if they are trivial Q and A.

–Best Regards
Elizabeth M.
2022 Committee

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