Set up day and registration schedules


With less than a week to go, we would appreciate some information about Junior OnStage set up day and registration. This will allow various teams and their families to plan their day particularly if, as we are, travelling to Sydney on the day.

All I know at this stage is from the website:

We were hoping to arrive early afternoon (say from 2pm), collect our access passes through whatever registration process is required on arrival and then spend the rest of the afternoon moving robots and props from the car plus reconstructing and testing them ready for competition. We had assumed that the junior opening ceremony will be scheduled later in the day and that tag-and-test will be available throughout the afternoon.

  1. Is arrival from 2pm OK or is there some reason why we would need to get to the venue earlier?
  2. Do you have a planned timing for the junior opening ceremony or any briefings that we would need to be aware of?
  3. Until what time is the electrical tag-and-test going to be available for on Wed and will they continue on Thu if they do not have time to test for all participants? (I know from experience at other events that this can take a significant amount of time)
  4. Do you have any details on what the registration process is to obtain our access passes on arrival? If there is anything we can do in advance, please let us know so we can save time on the day.
  5. Given we have a car-load of gear, is the best option to park in the Exhibition Centre Car Park (Car Park 1) and then carry what we can each time? I’m assuming there is no easy way to drop-off gear closer than this.
  6. Are there any timings that we need to be aware of for Thursday as yet (e.g. briefings or competition kickoff)?

I appreciate your assistance in providing answers to these questions and hopefully this will help others as well.



Hi Grant,
Regarding Setup Day - I will answer what I can below and hoping others can jump in with the answers to the questions specific to the venue -
Teams can setup from 8am. Arriving at 2pm is okay - some teams prefer to arrive earlier if they have complicated robots that need to be re-assembled. Teams can also use the time to test their audio/video with the AV technicians and calibrate robots to the lighting in the venue.
Opening Ceremony is 5pm (TBC)
We are also looking to offer a “Drama and Stage Presence Skills” workshop however will post more details on this asap.