Scoring rubric and software question


I saw a mention of a marking rubric in the rules, and I was wondering whether the 2019 rescue maze rubric was available yet? There does not seem to be much information on it, the poster or the engineering journal, however we believe we know what to do for the poster and the journal.

We were also wondering about the legality of using an ocr engine to detect characters that we did not write, however we have configured it slightly and detect the presence of a victim before character recognition through custom code on two openMV cameras.


Dear donei34,

I’m assuming you are mentioning 4.2 Evaluation Aspects in the rules? Unfortunately we are currently not revealing any specificity of any criteria to the teams.
However, this evaluation will take part during the interview.

If you have filled out the online robocupjunior inspection form rigorously, and can explain what is written it should be fine.

With regards to the openMV cameras, the use is permitted. However, you should know how the technology works and be able to explain when prompted.


Kai Junge
2019 TC

Thank you for that information. In regards to the cameras, I was more refering to the use of public code libraries / programs, like google tesseract, caffe or tensorflow pre-trained networks or other character recognition software. Can these be used?

Hi donel34,

Ok I get what you mean. In short it is fine, if you understand to a reasonable level of what is going on/how you’ve modified the code if you have.

Can you let me know what your team name is as well - so we know to ask the relevant questions during the interviews.


Kai Junge
TC 2019

That sounds good. Currently we are A,M.A. Australian Medical Ambulance, with a slight typo in our team name :slight_smile: