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Good day - I hope this message finds you well.

To the organizers of the Junior Robocup 2021:

I’m the current coordinator of 3 teams that are resgistrated to be part of the competition this year in the following categories: OnStage, RCJ Rescue – New Simulation Demonstration, Soccer simulation competition and Technical Challenges Competition++6000 SUX.

We are currently working on alternating shifts and sporadically meeting in small groups at school to prepare for the competition. This is also the working structure safe measurement we found in order to compile with the COVID Quarantine Act in place in our city, also to make sure we all participate in the live transmission of the event and the videos recording plan since none of our students can actually do it from their home. However, due to the NEW COVID Quarantine act guideline approved a few days ago, our school cannot open up for the weekend that the competitions is on, June 26th and 27th.

I was wondering if in the schedule of the competition is there any live event happening that weekend (June 26th & 27th) where the students will be required to be virtually present? And If yes, can we anticipate the event for the week or weekend before which we are still legally able to be at school in order to participate of the event?

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Vinicius Nicassio

Hi @ViniciusNicassio,

Thank you for starting this thread.

This is indeed a peculiar situation. I sadly cannot give you a conclusive answer right now but we’ll certainly discuss your situation and will try to find a way of accommodating it – there is a good chance many more teams will have to deal with similar set of problems.

Thank you for your attention and I’m waiting for the answer.

Hi, Vinicius.

I can answer some of your questions about the Technical Challenges Competition++ 6000 SUX (physical - Soccer) and the Soccer Simulation Challenge. I am not involved with OnStage and Rescue, so I cannot tell you about their plans. I would recommend you post your question to them as well.

Please, note that this is a working plan that can still be changed by the Organizing Committee (OC).

For the Soccer competitions, we plan 3 challenges per category, one per day for each team: if nothing changes, we will have one daily meeting for the announcement of the physical challenge and another meeting for the announcement of the simulation challenge. Then, teams will have 24 hours to submit their results to us and present them in a live meeting.

June 26 is Day 4 of the competition, in which we plan the presentation of Technical Challenge 3 (the final one) for both physical and simulation challenges. Such presentation is planned as a live streaming so that the assessors can ask questions to the team members. The only possibility I can think of at the moment is to have your team submitting a video presentation that they would have to prepare a few hours in advance. If this is something that might help you, please mention it to us in the first meeting (June 22). Keep in mind that this still needs to be discussed with the OC - I cannot guarantee that this is going to be possible.

June 27 is the final day of the competition. On this day we plan to show simulation matches, superteam matches, the final results and awards ceremony. There are no meetings planned and no live participation is required.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what to expect. If you have a different suggestion, please let us know.

Abraços e sucesso!