Schedule and guide for 2021 international event

Hi everyone,

We have published a schedule and guide for the RCJ Rescue 2021 international event on the community website (see link above)! The two combined documents should inform about the events we will be running at the international competition.



  • The “Participants’ Guide” is targeted at everyone part-taking in RoboCup activity with the aim to clarify what events will be taking place.
  • The guide it self can be found on the community website or directly through HERE.

If there are unclear points please reply to this post with question.

2021 TC

Hi: Thanks for your efforts in organizing this. We have the following questions regarding RESCUE LINE (not simulation or sBotics) :

  1. Updated rule says that each run should be limited to 4 min… if a run is going over this limit due to lack of progress, should we abandon the run and move to next run (in the same video recording)?
  2. Each difficulty level has three fields… does it matter which out of these three fields is chosen…i.e., are all three fields treated equally for scoring ? Asking because we think not all three fields (under the same difficulty category) are of the same difficulty.
  3. What does “Finalists TC Q&A” (on June 27th in the schedule) refer to? Is this live interview for the team? [Also, what does “Finalist Announcement” on June 22nd refer to?]
  4. Is June 19th the only live interview or is there another one after that? (for superteams or anything else)?
  5. Will there be another field design (apart from the three chosen by team for prerecorded videos) for the live interview?
  6. Is it correct understanding that 20th June is a “free day” in the sense that live interview would be done on 19th and Superteam challenge would only come out on 21st… so the team would be free on 20th, correct?
  7. We see that there is no evac zone for lowest and highest difficulty fields, is this correct understanding?
  8. How is the scores for the three consecutive runs (in one pre-recorded video) combined? Is it best of three or something else?
  9. best way to convert UTC to other time zones? :slight_smile:

one more:
10. During the live presentation/interview, will any live run requested by the judges be scored (just like the precorded videos ) with lack of progress etc… or is any live run mainly meant to demonstrate to judges the abilities of the robot… How much does such a live run contribute to the 50% weightage given to live presentation/interview.

  1. What is “Technical test for online meeting” on June 12th, and will we be able to attend it?

Just about time zone conversion, you can use a tool like this:

I hope it helps all other teams from various places!

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  1. What does “Finalists Announcement” on June 22nd refer to?
    Is this related to “Finalist TC Q&A” on June 27th?
    and is this a live interview for the team?

or better yet : at google search bar - type “utc vs est now”

Hope we can get answers to the rest of the questions.

Hi @rcjmentor,

Regarding your other questions:

  1. The 4 min per run should be treated the same as the 8 min in the official rules. That means your robot has 4 min to complete the field including any lack of progress. After the time is up, no further points will be awarded so you should proceeed to the next run in the same recording.
  2. It doesn’t matter which of the 3 fields per difficulty level you choose. They all have the same maximum number of points and will be treated equally. Please make sure to choose one field per difficulty level.
  3. In the Finalist TC Q&A we will interview the top teams again to determine the final ranking. It will be another private interview conducted with a video conferencing software.
  4. June 19th is the only fixed interview for all Line teams (June 20th for Maze). If your team is one of the best, we will schedule another interview on June 27th.
  5. There will be another field design for the live interview which we will publish at some point before the interview.
  6. On June 20th there will be only the sbotics competition. So, if you’re not participating in sbotics it is a “free day”.
  7. Correct, for the video submission there will be no evac zone in the lowest and highest difficulty for the line fields. Only the fields with medium difficulty have one.
  8. The scores of the three consecutive runs per field will be summed up and combined with the scores of the other fields.
  9. see above
  10. The live demonstration is indeed mainly focussed on the reliability aspect in a live scenario. It will also happen in a private meeting and you will need the field design which will be provided ahead of the interview plus some materials to make some modifications (like specified in the rubrics)
  11. It is only a test to verify that the video conferencing software works and mentors are allowed to attend it.
  12. On June 22nd we will announce the teams who are qualified for the “Finalist Q&A” during the “Finalist Announcement”.

I hope this helps!

2021 TC

Thanks so much Tom for answering all the questions in detail and so clearly.
I have a few follow up questions… hope you can answer them (for Rescue Line):

  1. There is a size limit of 500MB for the 12 min of recorded video for submission. The lowest possible video recording resolution on many phones is 1080p which can easily make the 12 min recording go over 500MB. Would you be able to please increase this size limit? Else we have to figure out ways to edit the video to lower the file size. This increase would benefit many of the teams and avoid last minute surprises for submission.

  2. About the field design for the live interview (Question 5 before) : will there be a new field design for the live interview on June 19th, and then another new field design for the second live interview on June 27th? When will these field designs be published?

  3. About the superteams: is participation in superteams optional (seems so from the questionnaire) ? Also, does performance here count towards the final score? Do you have an example of challenge given for superteams (e.g., from a prior year)?

  4. Same question as above for sBotics… is it optional and does it count towards final score?

  5. Are mentors allowed to attend (as observers) the public zoom call (first 20 min) as well as the private zoom call (q&a with judges)?

  6. The Rubric allocates 50% weightage to live presentation and interview: if the team gets selected to be one of the finalists, does this mean this 50% weightages comes from the second interview (and nothing from the first interview) for the final scoring? The rest 50% weightage still comes from the videos and doc submitted before June 15th?

  7. Don’t see any link to submit code on the submission website… so, no code submission requirement?

Thanks so much.

  1. I love this software called “HandBrake” to compress videos, but you can use any software you like :slight_smile:

Hi @rcjmentor

  1. As @Ryo answered, please use some compression tool

  2. Yes there will be. They will be published after the pre-recorded video submission deadline. This is to avoid any possible confusion of what fields to use for the pre-recorded videos.

  3. We really want every team to participate. It’s optional (or let’s say not strictly compulsory) in the sense that if one team in a pair cannot do any work, it’s not fair for that team. Like every year the SuperTeam scores will not affect the “Individual competition”. We don’t have rules per se, but this is a nice video from the 2017 winners.

  4. Yes, the simulation challenge is optional. No it will not count towards the “Individual competition”.

  5. I will get back to you on this later.

  6. No. The 50% weighting refers to the 50%, 30%, 20% split for presentation/interview, pre-recorded video, and documentation, and not to do with the second interview.

  7. We have added an input field to do so, an email should have been sent. Please check.

2021 TC

Hi Kai,
Thanks again for the answers… it is very helpful. Appreciate your time and support.
Few more questions (in priority order) :

  1. On the submission page, we don’t see any place to submit the engineering journal – it is mentioned in the rubrics … how can we submit the engineering journal?
  2. There is a “Save” button on top right of submission page… we are using the “Save” button for each of the individual items: what does the “Save” button on the top right do and when should we click on it?
  3. The June 27th Finalist TC Q&A: what is the format for this, specifically, is there another live presentation and live field demo by team (and will another field design be published for this)?
  4. [lower priority] For Question 6 above, let me rephrase the question: for each of the teams, you will apply a (50,30,20)% weightage to (first presentation/interview on June 19th, pre-recorded video, documentation) to get the list of Finalists. After that do you apply (50,30,20)% weightage to (second presentation/interview on June 27th, pre-recorded video submitted before, documentation submitted before) to select the winner?


Hi @rcjmentor

  1. Thank you for pointing it out! We accidentally omitted the upload section for the engineering journal. It should be possible now.

  2. The save button will “save” all of your documents which you have uploaded so please press it before leaving that page.

  3. There will be a live interview with a field demo (but no presentation). Details will come later in the week.

  4. for each of the teams, you will apply a (50,30,20)% weightage to (first presentation/interview on June 19th, pre-recorded video, documentation) to get the list of Finalists → yes
    The finalists will not submit a second documentation/pre-recorded video. The final placement will be decided by the interview followed by a discussion of the judges.

I hope this helps.

2021 TC

Thanks Kai again for the very clear replies!
I have following questions regarding interview day and ahead:

  1. We need to join the rcj virtual venue at link given in the technical test… follow those instructions to get to the public zoom link for the first (public) part of the interview, correct?
  2. For the second part (private interview with judges), we will get the zoom link in the personal Cabinet on CMS? When should we expect to get it ?
  3. Are mentors/parents allowed to join either of the above (as observers)?
  4. Today we got an email from asking as to create an account to join rcj event… could you please elaborate on what is this for (since points 1 and 2 above already cover the interview/presentation) and if this needs to be done separately for each student and mentor.
  5. Will there be another field design for the final interview on June 27th (if we make it to Finalist list)?
  6. We need to use the public zoom link from point 1 above even to watch the other teams and ask questions, correct?


Would appreciate if you could answer Q4 & Q5 above.


  1. I designed the field for the final. It will be announced in advance to the finalists.


#4 To be honest, we don’t know much about it either.
But from what we heard, that page is the main page for RoboCup2021 participants. Don’t worry, the Rescue League will make all important announcements on the email, CMS, and community site.

Thanks for the replies!
Students will use the links in the email titled “Links for Presentation and Interviews” (zoom webinar and room2).
Mentors/Parents can use the youtube link (updated) to watch the presentations.

Thanks again… it is a lot of effort on your part to organize the event!


Hi @rcjmentor

Here are the answers to the other unanswered questions.

  1. Yes

  2. You should have received an email about this (perhaps your team already did the presentation today). If you are a maze team and haven’t got that email, please email (by replying to one of the emails you got from us for this event).

  3. No. Please use the youtube live link which is sent to each team.

  4. answered.

  5. answered.

  6. Yes, you need to join the Zoom Webinar link through


2021 TC