Rules - XBee radios

We would like to use an XBee Series 1 radio on our robots. XBee Series 1 uses a protocol that’s based on Zigbee but it’s not sold as a Zigbee radio. We looked it up but aren’t really certain if it’s allowed as communicating “via ZigBee” in Rule 2.4. Is it allowed?

Hello @BenditLikeBeckOhm,

Thanks trying out the forums and asking a question like this!

I have a quick counter question: would this module use the 802.15.4 protocol, even though it is not sold as a Zigbee radio? In that case, it should be OK.

It seems that it might be worth updating the rules with this information too.

Yes. The XBee S1 uses 802.15.4.

Thanks @BenditLikeBeckOhm, XBee S1 should be OK.

Hopefully, the rules will reflect that too in the future – I’ll propose an appropriate change.

Thanks again!

Hi, we will use “TWELITE”.
(Japanese page)

TWELITE use IEEE802.15.4.

Maybe, xbee s1 is same TWELITE.

If xbee s1 is ok, TWELITE is ok ?

Hi @anbara.

That is correct, as long as your module utilizes the IEEE802.15.4 protocol, the rules regard it in the same way as ZigBee, which is explicitly allowed.

– Marek