Rules Soccer Open

Hello, good Morning. How are you?

The jaguar team is in doubt about Robocup’s rules in the Soccer Open category. We would like to know what the virtual competition will be like, as we don’t really understand. The jaguar team looked at the Robocup website and also found a simulation category (RCJ SOCCER SIMULATION CHALLENGE (2021)), so we wanted to know if the rule for that category also applies to soccer open. If it doesn’t apply and it’s a different rule, could you send us the correct one?

We would like to thank you for your attention in advance.

Hi @BiancaCReis,

These are all good questions – thank you for asking them!

As the whole competition will be virtual, the standard Open rules would be tough to apply but we’ll try to do our best to keep the same spirit as if we were all in one place, having fun with robots :slight_smile:

That said, please stay tuned for more information on the practicalities of the Soccer competitions which should come next week.


– Marek