Rule change suggestion : Handle height

I would like you to change the rule for handle.
With current rule, robot height is up to 22cm but handle height must be in range of 22±2cm.
If robot height is close to 22cm, space for handling is 2cm at most. It is too narrow for.
If robot height is about 10cm, handle becomes too long, much heavier and less stiffness.
Better rule that I think is “Handle must keep distance, 5cm~10cm, from the highest structure of robot.”.

If it is hard to read, I am sorry. I am not good at using English, because I am not native English speaker.

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Thanks a ton for your suggestion @RootE, it is indeed a good one and we’ll certainly consider it.

I will try to keep this thread updated with any news regarding this suggestion.


Thank you for your suggestion.
As I saw a most robots in the Sydney, If the robot height most 22cm, it’s only 2cm to pick up and exactly really hard to handle.
Otherwise as I heard from judges, It’s easy if every robot has almost same handle height.
Plus, for inspection, it’s not easy to make sure which part is a highest part of robot’s structure.

We’ll keep trying to find best way to handle a robot!