Rule Change Suggestion: definition of "trapping"

We have a request for the rule 1.5 Ball movement.
We would like you to change the definition of trapping like below.

“When you move the robot backward with the ball in the ball-capturing zone, and if the robot still capturing the ball without dynamic back spin, it is trapping.”
description diagram

It is because current rules do not allow unique ideas to grow.


For example, this robot(robot of other team) shoots marvelously and uniquely, keeping the ball captured in the capturing zone by controlling the spin of the ball without a dribbler.

We think that this rule will let various kinds of ideas arise while it can also ban vacuuming or gluing the ball.

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Hi @SKYCrew,

Thank you for your suggestion!

I have just one follow up question: would you also consider it illegal if the ball rotated back to the robot? In other words, is what you would suggest making illegal just the case when the ball moves back along with the robot?

Thanks again!

– Marek