Rule change suggestion: communication

I know that I am maybe late but the idea could be used in the next rules.

The idea would be to make xbee(or any other similar device) mandatory for all teams that participate in the international competition.

I think that this would make superteam games better because all teams would have some sort of a standard communication device with which they could use to improve the gameplay. For example if one robot sees the ball it could tell it to other robots, or if a goalie is out the other robot could replace it.

Hi NesTo,
I agree that having a standard for Communication between more then just two robots would be interesting for superteam games, but then I would recommend WIFI.
It was already my request last year to open communication to WIFI.
It would make things like ingame monitoring much easier, if you could simply use a tablet to monitor the robots.
With this standard we could also think about an integration of global information during supergames like “start” and “stop” sent by the referees.


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Hello @NesTo and @stiebel,

Unfortunately, WIFI is not an allowed communication protocol in RoboCupJunior. Only luetooth class 2 or class 3 (range shorter than 20 meters) or via ZigBe are the official ones (Please refer to the General rules at This is due to some constraints we have being in the same venue as RoboCup Major leagues.

Roberto Bonilla