Rule 6.3.1 Example

In the Rescue Maze rules, rule 6.3.1 states “If particular circumstances, such as unforeseen problems or capabilities of a robot occurs, rules may be modified by the RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee Chair in conjunction with available committee members, even during a tournament.”. What does this mean exactly? Could an example be provided where this rule would go into effect?

Hi @chirrupted,

This clause is rarely activated and it is used for some special situations. I have an example from Line at this year’s competition. After the first round, we realised that some of the fields were not flat enough, causing the victim (the ball) to roll out of the rescue area even if it received the slightest touch. The referees at some fields chose to put the ball back, and at others chose to follow the rules, i.e. not to put the ball back. We made an interim decision to allow the referees who chose to return the ball to the field to continue to uphold their call at their field for that day’s game. This changes the rules but ensures that each team is treated consistently across all fields.

Hope this helps.

2024 Committee

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