Rule 1.7.3 double defense

Hi forum, hi Marek,
I just started reading the new 2020 soccer rules and I am impressed by all the rule changes that show the results of our discussions before and during the world championship in Sydney.
I am very pleased to see that the rule changes look to me, that their main target is to have the game running and to prevent many of the “lack of progress” situations.
However, there is one thing that seems to be a problem to me:
All rules about the “out of bounds” situations including 1.7 use the terms “at least partly”.
This is fine for 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 but as the robots usually detect the white line with sensors underneath it is very likely that two robots of the same team will be partly in the penalty area.
If we leave the 1.7.3 untouched, I suspect there will be many more double defense situations than before.
I have two suggestions to solve this issue:

  1. a countdown of three seconds like “lack of progress” for double defense
    This would give the robots a chance to detect the white line and move away by itself
  2. change from “at least partly” to “at least half of the robot”
    This would give the robot the chance to detect the white line and stay “mainly” out of the penalty area.

I think I would prefer suggestion 1, because it will prevent robots from “sitting” on the line.

Please consider also that we quite often saw situations where all four robots built a “cloud” around the ball and moved towards one goal.
With old rules this would end in a “pushing” when reaching the penalty area.
The ball would be removed an all robots would move again.

With an unchanged 1.7.3 this would end in a “double defense” resulting that one of the defending robots would be removed and the offending robots would have a huge advantage. A countdown of three seconds would then probably lead to a pushing which would be a far better solution out of this situation.

So please rethink rule 1.7.3

(coach of Bohlebots)