Rubric scoring method

While looking at the rubric I’ve wondered how was the percentage distributed for example how much percentage does winning all the matches count for or how much percentage does the poster stand for overall. For example last years might be 20% for the matches, 30% for the presentation, 20% for the poster, etc. So i’m asking about the points percentage of this year because I couldn’t find it in the rubric


Sure! The breakdown of the scoring rubric for determining the World Champion will be:

Robot performance 40%
Robot Design 20% (determined by judges in the interview and watching match play)
Presentation 15% (determined by judges in the interview)
Team Spirit 15% ((determined by judges watching match play)
Poster 10% (determined by judges reviewing submissions)

There will also be a 5% bonus applied to any team that participates in the technical challenges on the last day.

-MSW, OC Chair

Will this rubric be applied to this year’s World Champion?