Rrobot sizes in rescue line junior

Thank you very much For your Former response, it was very useful for my team.

Now I’m writing so that you
could you tell me the Max sizes of the robot, whit the sensors and all the systems(robotics arms, etc)

This Will help us a Lot
Thank you very much
José Tacca

Hello @JoseTac ,

While we don’t enforce a maximum size for your robot, definitely you need to keep into consideration the rules to build a robot that will be able to navigate the field and explore the different paths. According to the rule 2.2.3, We recommend making a robot that is able to navigate in spaces of 25cm x 25cm x 25cm so it is able to go thought tiles and go below multiple floors. Also the entrance of the evacuation zone it’s 25cm long.

2.2.3: Robots must be designed to navigate under tiles that form bridges over other tiles. Tiles placed above other tiles will be supported by pillars at tile corners with a square cross-section of 25mm x 25mm, making each tile entrance/exit 25 cm. The minimum height (space between the floor and the ceiling) will be 25 cm.

Hope this helps!

Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

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