RoboCupJuniorUSA Timeframe

Hi RoboCupJuniorUSA Organizers,
I will be competing in the Rescue Maze competition this year and was wondering when the USA competition will be taking place. At this point, we are less than 3 months out from the normal competition time and several aspects of my robot depend on this knowledge.

Thanks for the help in advance!

We are still discussing what can be done in 2021 in the US. Please subscribe to the newsletter so that you will not miss any updates @

Hi Ms. Eguchi,
I just subscribed to the newsletter, but would really appreciated any updates sooner rather than later. What is the probability of even having the U.S. competition, virtual, this year?

If you can’t answer this now, I understand, but I believe that early March at the latest would be a fair timeline to let all of the teams that are working very hard on their robots know what they can expect.