RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2020: Request for Change Suggestions

Hello everyone,

As most of the regional competitions around the world already took place and the internationals in Sydney are about to take place in roughly six weeks, we would like to ask for your help.

Similarly to what we already did about a year ago, we would like to ask for changes you would like to see in the 2020 rules. Note that unlike previous years, we are looking for changes that would significantly alter what the competition looks like. Although we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will make it to the final rules, we will do our best to discuss and consider each and every reasonable one we get.

Please create a separate topic thread on this forum for each suggestion and make sure its title contains the term Rule Change Suggestion and that your submission contains answers to the following sections:

  • Describe your suggestion in one or two sentences
  • Explain why do you think it should be in the rules
  • List the relevant section(s) of previous rules (if applicable)

Alternatively, you can also suggest a change directly to the text of the rules, as described in the Soccer rules repository on GitHub.

Note that we accept proposals until the 1st of June, 2019.

Should you have any question, comments or any other feedback, please feel free to reach out.


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Hello everyone,

Due to popular demand and thanks to a ton of interesting ideas this request for change suggestions has generated, the deadline for accepting proposals has been extended until the 15th of June, 2019.

Please feel free to comment on the other already submitted ideas or submit one of your own, as described above.

Thanks again!

When can we expect the new rules?

Hi @NesTo,

They should be released quite soon – I’ll do my best to announce their release here on the forum as well.