RoboCupJunior Rescue 2024 - Final Rules Released

Dear Rescue Community,

Thanks to your positive feedback, the committee has made targeted adjustments based on these feedbacks and recently issued the final rules. They can be found on the documents page of the Rescue Community Website or on the official website.

Overall this year we have tried to simplify the rules and introduce new technical challenges, and we hope you enjoy this new section. Please read these rules carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or find any problems!

2024 committee

The last version of Maze is 24/01/2024!
I cannot find something newer.

Hi @PeterParker,

After that upload we followed up with some minor bug changes and what you see is the latest version of the final rules, sorry for any misunderstanding caused by forgetting to change the update date. Thanks for the heads up.


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Are the rules changed only for “Rescue Line”?

The new rules for the “Rescue Line (last updated: 2024-04-18)” are posted on the “RoboCup Junior official website,” but the rules posted on the “community site” will remain the old rules. (Last updated: 2024-01-21)

best regards


Thank you for reaching us and pointing it out.

Yes, that rule minor modification is only for Rescue Line and we have now updated the Community website also.