RoboCup Junior: Rescue Line Rules 2018: Rule 5.1; critical problem

fellow competitors and staff,
i am a member of an israeli team in the RoboCup Junior: Rescue Line competition.
While reading the rules, i noticed that there is no clear reference to a situation in which the competitor believe that there has been a mistake in his round scoring and he does not agree to sign his scoring papers.
what do you do in this kind of a situation? do you speak to a higher-ranking staff member?
thanks in advance,

Hi Roy,
the rules say

5.1.3 […] By signing the score sheet, the captain accepts the final score on behalf of the entire team. In case of further clarification, the team captain should write their comments on the score sheet and sign it.

Generally the referees are the ones who decide if you get scores for something or not. You should know that there are always two judges during one scoring run, and we try to have at least one experienced judge on every arena. The decisions they do are not arbitrary. If you really think that a wrong decision was made, as mentioned in the rules, you should write it down in the comment section after the run and then sign it. It is not possible to do long discussions between the rounds because otherwise we would not be able to keep the tight schedule.
The signature only shows us that you actually have seen the scoring sheet and don’t have anything to add besides possibly the comment. It is mandatory defined by the rules, so if it is missing, the scoring run is technically incomplete and might not be counted in the worst case.
If, after the scoring run, you still feel strongly that a wrong decision was made, you can notify the OC at the information desk, where the issue can be discussed. The decision made there is final and of course will comply to the rules as long as no other agreements were made (refer 5.3.1).

If you look at sports usually the referee always has the final word and if a wrong decision was made it will not be fixed afterwards.
It’s not like the referees are fighting the teams, in the opposite, the referees usually decide in favor of the team if something is not 100% clear. :slight_smile: But this always depends on the situation of course and normally the decision of the referees is to be respected.

I hope I could make this more clear to you.

Best, Jan
2018 OC

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