Robocup 2021 Inquiry

hello everyone, my name is Omar from UAE i am the mentor for all the robocup category
i have some inquiry

  1. why nothing is clear for all category’s Except rescue League no meeting link no died line nothing about what we need to submit and for how, we did not receive any email for mentor and student all what i know is the deadline in 22jun, please make everything clear the student is so nerviness also us.

Dear @omor.osama,

Today we sent the first newsletter to all mentors of teams registered to the soccer challenges. Your answers should be answered there. Please, let us know if you haven’t received it.

Best regards,

i receive the email thank you for your response

Hi Felipe,

Storming FC from the USA has yet received the notification. I think there was an issue in the registration though.

While we are waiting for the registration to be updated, would you please send the first newsletter ?

Hi @stormingrobots,

Sure, I’ll take care of it. Thanks for letting us know!

– Marek

Thankyou! We got it. .

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