Results - junior soccer lightweight

Good day. The question is about the results - when will they be posted? And also - when will the certificates be sent to the teams that took the trophies? (at least certificates)

Hi @Finist,

If you’d like to know the score of your team in the respective categories, please reach out to the email that has been sending out the newsletter throughout the past week – we’d be happy to provide them.

I honestly do not know what the situation looks like with regards to sending out certificates and trophies but I believe the General Chairs will likely know a bit more about the process. Please do reach out to them.


– Marek

Thank you for your great support Marek.


We can find results of the worldwide competitions of past years including individual 2nd and 3rd place teams such as below (I can also find 2017 result as well, but I can put only two links here…).

However we cannot find soccer league results of this year in the website so far.

I’d appreciate it if TC members would give us the information about how and when you plan to post the results. Or, is it in charge of the General Chairs?

Best regards,