Restart button and Victeam detection


our robot has a touch screen on it
we want to know if we can place the restart button on the screen and use it by touching the screen?
and can we show what victim we detected on screen and not use any leds on robot?


Hello @Alirezas12,

YES. They are allowed, make sure that the operation for restart and the indicator of the rescue are clear enough (you will need to demonstrate this to the referee).

2024 Committee

he rules state that the robot must have a physical switch. Would a switch on a touchscreen count as a physical switch in this context?


Hi @MiLi

In this case perhaps you need a physical switch to activate the device with the screen?

2024 committee

@MiLi @Alirezas12,
also note that the screen has to be fully visible and there should not be more than one “virtual” switch present. To clarify, regardless of which spot/pixel on the screen is touched, the robot behavior has to be the same.


Hi! thanks for your feedback. yes we have one “physical” power switch to power on/off the power supply of the robot and one “virtual” button on the touchscreen to start/stop the robot.