Rescue Simulation 4.6.12 Robot Scoring

I read Rescue Simulation 2023 rules.
RCJRescueSimulation2023Rules.pdf (Last updated: 2023-05-21)

so I have some questions.

4.6.12. Robot Scoring will be automated through the platform scoring engine.

Quesion - 1
It is listed as VI(5) : 2 , VT(10) : 3 for rm1 in the table above. I think this combination of numbers is impossible, but under what circumstances does such a combination of numbers occur?

Quesion - 2
In the table above, the score is calculated as 2 x 1142.5. But isn’t the correct value 1256.75 x 2 ?


Please review this revised one…

Hello @elizabeth.mabrey

Thank you reply.

I think the calculation result of robot score is correct.
(I think “1218.25 x 2” is correct instead of “2 x 1218.25”)

By the way, you are changing VMI to MI.
Why did you change it?
Rule 4.6.5 says “VMI”.
“VMI” is also written in the formula for rule 4.6.12
So I think “VMI” is correct instead of “MI”.

Similarly, for “Victims and Hazmat Misidentification”, I think the original “sub-total VMI,LOP” notation is better.


misidentification is the same as victim misidentification. there is nothing else to misidentify so the v doesn’t really need to be added. both vmi and mi are understandable

Hello @jeremy.desmond

I would like to unify the terminology of the rules.
Either VMI or MI is fine, but if you want to use MI, the description of rule 4.6.5 should also be MI.