Rescue Simulation 4.6.10 Mapping bonus (MB)

I read Rescue Simulation 2023 rules.
RCJRescueSimulation2023Rules.pdf (Last updated: 2023-05-21)

so I have some questions.

4.6.10. Mapping bonus (MB).

I have some questions about this diagram.

Question - 1

4.6.10.c.i. Simply fill area 4 elements with zeros. This includes the border of area 4.

It says that area 4 is filled with “0 (zero)”, but “*” is set in the above figure.
The diagram does not match rule 4.6.10.c.i.
Which is correct?

Question - 2
In the diagram above, the victims of U are set in blue tiles.
The blue tile is the connection tile of Area 1 and Area 2, but is the AM (Area multipliers) of this U victim 1.00 (Area 1)? Or is it 1.25 (area 2)?

Qiestion - 3 Connection tiles between each area must have two sides surrounded by a wall, such that the tile has an unambiguous entrance and exit edge to the two areas.

The rules say “each area’s connecting tiles have 2 walls”, but the connecting tiles in the diagram above (there are 4 tiles blue/purple/red/green) don’t have 2 walls.
This diagram does not match rule
which one is correct?

Question - 4

2.3.3. Area 4 will contain checkpoints immediately after the red and green tile entrances to the room.

According to the rules, Area 4 should have as many checkpoints as there are entrances and exits. Area 4 in the diagram above has two entrances (connecting tiles), but no checkpoints.
The diagram does not match rule 2.3.3.
Which is correct?


You are correct about a lot here. this sample was made quickly because time was of the essence.

  1. there should be checkpoints in room 4 at the entrance and exit
  2. there is a U on a blue tile when there shouldn’t be
  3. the connection tiles should be surrounded by walls
  4. Room 4 was made with ‘x’ rather than ‘0’ because it was visually more distinct. but the rules do say use 0 so that is what teams should do.

Thank you Jeremy for answering that.

He is a fellow who has assisted me on and off for clarifying the scoring by creating that grids diagram for visualizing how to fill the bits/bytes. He will assist me to fix up a few things and hope to improve upon this mask.

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Hello @jeremy.desmond @elizabeth.mabrey

Thank you reply.

According to your answers, the diagram in rule 4.6.10.d is an incorrect diagram that does not match the rule.

Any plans to correct the diagram for Rule 4.6.10.d?

For Victims and hazmat signs,
rule 2.6.1 says “placed anywhere on walls”,
but they must not be placed on walls with “connection tiles” (e.g. red tiles, blue tiles). Correct?


I think this is compliant with the rules