Rescue Simulation 3.5.5 share source code

I read “RoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation Rules 2023”. (RCJRescueSimulation2023RulesFinal.pdf)
so I have a question.

3.5.5. All teams have to submit their source code before the competition. The organizers will share them online after the competition such that other teams can draw inspiration and learn from them

Rule 3.5.5 says that source code will share.
Does that mean the team’s source code will be made public?

Rule 3.4.8 of Rescue Line says

Rescue Line
3.4.8 The organizers will not share the source code with other teams without the team’s permission.

The organizer will ask the team to share the team’s source code.

In Rescue Simulation, will the organizer share the team’s source code without the team’s consent?



I apologize for this 3.5.5. I will have to take that to the committee. We should not share “sources code”, but just technical documents including TDP, poster, and journal.

Please give me sometime to clarify this for you.

RCJ 2023 Committee

Hello @elizabeth.mabrey

Thank you reply.

Please give me sometime to clarify this for you.

I see.
I think that the share of the source code is good for the spread and education of Rescue Simulation, but I think that the consent of the team is necessary like other Rescue competitions.