Rescue Simulation 2023 - Release Announcement

Hello Robocuppers,

we have some exciting news about Rescue Simulation in 2023!

The simulation development team has been working hard for the last few months to release a new version of the Erebus platform.
Some may have already discovered the news on the community website, or found the new release versions.
We would like to summarize all the important news and links in this post.

New Release versions.
As already mentioned, the Erebus platform has received a major update and is now running on the latest Webots version “2023a”.
Erebus itself has also been upgraded to the new competition version v23.x.

All links to the latest simulation versions and editors can be found here:
Webots - R2023a
Erebus - V23.0.1
Rescue Simulation World Editor 2023 - V23.2.1
Erebus Robot Customization 2023 - V23.0.1

What’s new in this release?

1. Extern Controller
At the 2023 Event, we aim to run the simulation via the robot controller either locally or on a remote machine.
For Setup: Please refer here to learn how to set up for running the extern controller remotely.
Additional Information regarding the machines’ specification will be posted at the RCJ-Sim Forum no later than March 1st.

2. Regarding the 4th room creation
The current release includes several samples for teams to get started. By early March, we shall provide a more user-friendly 4th room editor for teams to create their own 4th room, which will be posted at the RCJ-Sim Forum. For the time being, please use this guide.

3. Additional helpful resources
Please review the Changelog for v23 (v22 is also helpful to read).

New rules !!!
Please review the new rules for the 2023 competition here.If you have any questions regarding the release or the rules, feel free to ask them in the Junior Forum/ this thread.

Best Regards,
Alexander Jeddeloh
2023 Committee

Hi all Simulation RoboCuppers,

Please note there are a couple of updates:

  1. Erebus latest release : v23.0.4 . Please visit the link to see the release note.
  2. World Creator - latest update [v23.2.8] .
    a. For Room 4 creation
    b. Here is a helpful video for making the room 4 creation

More update on the Erebus tutorial will soon be available