Rescue Simulation : 2.3.3 number of checkpoint tiles

I read “RoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation Rules 2023”. (RCJRescueSimulation2023RulesFinal.pdf)
so I have a question.

2.3.3. Area 4 will contain two checkpoints immediately after the red and green tile entrances to the room

In rule 2.3.3, it is written “Area 4 will contain two checkpoints.”
I understand that if there are two entrances to Area 4, there will be two checkpoints.
If there is only one entrance to Area 4, will there be only one checkpoint?
Similarly, if there are three entrances to Area 4, will there be three checkpoints?
Is the number of entrances to Area 4 fixed at two?



thank you for your message.

I can’t answer this with certainty. Technically, like for any other area, there is no limit to possible entrances. As a result there could be more or less than two checkpoints.
But, saying this, im not sure how to handle area 4 with more man two checkpoints at the moment.
I will get back to the other committee members and the development team to discuss this further.

2023 Committee

Hello @Alex98

Thank you reply

your answer

As a result there could be more or less than two checkpoints.

In that case, the phrase “two checkpoints” mentioned in Rule 2.3.3 is incorrect, as there can be cases where there is only one checkpoint or even three checkpoints.
—> In Area 4, there are at least as many checkpoints as there are entrances.

I will await the outcome of the discussion.